We invite you to enjoy our facilities, experience its symbiotic style between modern and indigenous. Our renovated, modern facilities are esperando.Te you offer excellent service, tranquility and distinction to perceive in all our areas making you discover the "Hidden Treasure in the City.

Panama City

City on the shores of the Pacific and in the center of the American continent, for that reason we are known as Bridge the World, Heart of the Universe. Also recognized as one of the safest and most modern cities in Central America. Avant-garde buildings, broad avenues and new vehicular, pedestrian walkways, Historic Sites, Flora and Fauna to the length and breadth of the country.
Our climate is tropical humid, with temperatures averaging between 30 and 32 degrees throughout the year. Official language Spanish. Currency the Balboa, but usually the U.S. dollar circulates, having the same value Balboa = Dollar.
Panama is also characterized by being a shopping paradise, do your shopping on more of our 6 shopping centers where you will find a wide variety of products at the best prices. Also enjoy local and international cuisine with a wide variety of culinary must choose one for each lunch or dinner, and finally have fun in one of the main areas of bars and clubs, all located a few meters from Las Huacas Hotel  Panama City.

Panama Hotel